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यूपीआई (UPI)भुगतान प्रणाली का बुद्धिमानी से उपयोग करें

अत्यधिक UPI का उपयोग करने से नकद छूट/छूट/प्रोत्साहन प्राप्त करने का आपका लालच आपको परेशानी में डाल सकता है, जिसकी कीमत आपको भविष्य में बहुत अधिक होगी।

Should large corporate houses be allowed to promote banks?

Broadly, the main concerns of allowing large corporate houses to own banks relate to conflicts of interest, governance issues and concentration of economic power.

Less known facts to PMC Bank depositors and long term debt investors

With more and more banks going to be set up after ‘on TAP’ licensing to small Finance, Payment banks etc there should be a proper mechanism to monitor these type of stringent actions.

Why Modi govt is not curing the disease of NPAs spread by the Congress

After the exposure of several banking scams recently, the problem of growing NPAs has come in the public domain.

Is it time for structural realignment of RBI?

To curb the financial frauds: Privatization of banks/ replacing RBI board/ establishing an independent entity: What can work?

Is the PNB Fraud Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

The UPA had made mockery of Indian banking system.

Recapitalization of public banks: A renaissance or a bail out?

How would government raise a huge sum of money from external agencies needed for recapitalization?

President Trump orders review of Dodd Frank Act

The experience of banks, regulators and experts since 2010 have been very mixed for DFA. Experts have sharply divided views on the efficacy of the Act in achieving its stated goals.

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