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Scrapping the monopolies

The newly formed government of Maharashtra under leadership of Devendra Fadnavis and Eknath Shinde has taken a decision to reform election process of agriculture produce market committee (APMC) and this strategic reforms will change indirect process of election with direct election process through farmers.

3 reasons why government should retract MSP

After scanning MSP system through the economics lens, it seems to be a bane to the farming sector and altogether to the whole economy. It's promulgated on the basis of socialist ideas and we all know nothing good can happen to the economy by socialism.

तौल में “ग्राम संख्या को सम्मिलत ना करने” एवम् “छूट काटने” जैसी कुप्रथाओ के कारण से किसानो को दशकों से होता आ रहा नुकसान

मंडी के क्षेत्र में काफी रिसर्च करने के बाद, कई बिंदु ऐसे निकल के आये जिन कारण से किसानो को नुकसान उठाना पड़ता है। इस पूरे शोध कार्य को अपने लोगो ने उत्तर प्रदेश के आलू किसानो के सन्दर्भ से किया है।

Farm act: A tussle between pride and prejudice

The much awaited farming reform is one of the proud achievements of the present government. However, the reform seems to have fallen prey to the lingering prejudice against the government.

One step closer to Congress Mukt Bharat

All the parties supporting these irrelevant protests will lose their vote shares as and when they go for elections. Congress's strong bastion in the name of Punjab slipping out of its hands in 2022 might just be the last nail in the coffin.

Poor farmers fight to remain poor and vocal minority support in the guise of activism, democracy, politics, and hypocrisy

Opposition wants to make most of from these Misinformed/uninformed farmers who are opposing the Bill which by all means is for their betterment.

From lazy farming to green revolution 2.0

The current model of wheat and rice cultivation, supported by subsidised electricity and fertilisers as well as the guaranteed procurement by the government at MSP, is not only causing environmental decay but also promoting lazy farming.

One nation, one market 2020: Will the dream come true?

New policies of Modi govt for farmers is for their betterment. However, as always, the opposition just does not want the farmers to be better.

Contract farming ordinance isn’t enough

For policymaking, it is important to listen to all the stakeholders, but the government has failed to take into consideration of the business community. Relaxing the regulations on APMC and drafting rules for contract farming alone is not enough.

Agrarian crisis and reforms

Agriculture sector contributes highest in employment, however, this remains to be a neglected sector so far.

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