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3 years of AAP – the birth, the rise and the fall

A supporter expresses how his hope has been shattered with recent developments.

Open Letter to Aamir Khan of Intolerant India from a resident of Incredible India

Instead of using your status as celebrity influencer to be a part of the solution, you chose to become a part of the problem.

Sachin Bansal is right, the “Award Wapsi” brigade should listen to him

If we look at the bigger picture of Mr. Bansal's statement, it gives a perfect answer to the writers who are returning their awards.

There have been acts of intolerance, but the average Indian is as tolerant as earlier

Commentators on the left and right both are linking acts of few to the entire community.

Let’s not change the narrative from ‘Sabka Saath’ to ‘We and They’

Why govt should heed valid protests instead of condemning the protesters. Don't shoot the messenger. Protests are by their very nature political; why mock them?

Review of Economic Policy of Modi’s Government

Are "big bang" reforms happening? Is the economy on right path? A take on Modi govt's record till now.

Defenders of Aamir Khan may be wrong, but they will still win the perception battle

A deconstruction of the Aamir Khan episode

The Azadpur-Prembari Pul elevated corridor and Kejriwal’s claims

An analysis into Kejriwal's claims

How the political and intellectual class have made the Hindu-Muslim relations complex

Hindu-Muslim chemistry in India is a complex affair, largely because of the mess created by our political and intellectual class.

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