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School ‘Twitter’ before it’s too late

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Bimal Prasad Mohapatra
Bimal Prasad Mohapatra
Columnist is a Senior Research Fellow in Defense Research and Studies (DRaS), Faculty of Management Studies in Trident Group of Institutions, Bhubaneswar, and author of novel "Travails of LOVE" and "Bimal's ANAND MATH". He writes column on Geopolitics, Indian Politics and Media for MyVoice.OpIndia, DRaS, The Kootneeti, The Diplomatists, The Avenue Mail, Delhi Post, Orissa Post, Outlook Afghanista, The Manila Times, etc. And also Moderated Panel Discussion on Geopolitics, Politics and Media

If the micro blogging site Twitter is not schooled now for its willful disobey and disregard to Indian sovereign laws, note it will be too late to do the same by the victim that is sovereign India as the elements the US headquartered social media has been facilitating and promoting -now openly- will be so powerful that the victim will not be able to rise to successfully face the challenge, forget about schooling the social media in the future. Now, it has been crystal clear that there is a broad based well networked international conspiracy financed by western established billionaires and organisations to destroy the idea of India and her physical integrity to retain their political and ideological supremacy over the world polity as seen from 18th to 20th centuries.

If the objective of them was not that, the Yoga (India’s origin health recipe) and Chai (popularly tagged with PM Modi), which have nothing to do with the farmers protest, would not have got mention in the infamous ‘toolkit’ of the environmental activist, who of course hurriedly have withdrawn the same for reason best known to her, though the analysts believe the same was done as per late understanding of the perpetrators that the act is illegal. The activist is known for years for her worldwide activities for preservation of healthy environment, but now found poking her nose in farmers protests in North India, the latter have been going on for last three months for among others to get a law that will protect farmers’ environment polluting agricultural residue burning.

“Toolkit is an attack on India’s sovereignty,” opined Harish salve, Senior Advocate in Supreme Court of India, who is a former Solicitor General of India and now Queen’s Counsel for the court of England and Wales, in an interview to Rahul Shivshankar, the Editor-in-Chief, Times Now. Going further, while being interviewed by Republic TV, he continued, “On the other hand of the spectrum, you have troublemakers like the Khalistani movement people who have always looking out at an opportunity to further their agenda. And their agenda is unlawful. It violates a host of Indian laws. It is an act of terror. I am deeply disappointed to see environmental activists becoming the bridge between these two ends of the spectrum allowing these terrorist elements to infiltrate genuine protests.” All these activities as stated above are being facilitated by social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Zoom which are share-holders invested business/corporate entities, and are based in western countries. For them, Indian audiences are nothing less than their colonial subjects as were before August 15, 1947.

Here, I attach a photograph of meeting between Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey with PM Narendra Modi held in November 2018 in New Delhi. Just carefully analyze the photo: a company CEO meeting the world’s largest sovereign democracy and the third largest economy (in terms of PPP)’s elected head of the government. Has anybody ever seen any Indian or MNC (having business in India) CEO’s sitting like this while meeting with India’s PM? But, yes, I have not seen. Who is the boss here: PM of 135 crores populous democratic India or a businessman from West? Just note: Where is Jack Dorsey’s left leg? To me, it looks like PM Modi is subordinate of Jack Dorsey. Body posture matters! And, surprisingly, neither PM Modi nor his office or any other self-respected Indian had raised this issue in my knowledge. Is it for which Twitter got emboldened later? May not be ruled out? Now onwards, let us don’t allow this short up protocol vandalism, if even it provokes badmouthing from powerful western media. Enough is enough.

Next issue that bothers me is Open Society Foundation founder billionaire George Soros’s Davos World Economic Forum 2020 vow to invest in India against nation’s nationalist government. This is nothing less than questioning largest democracy’s democratic ethos. Here, it is to be noted that George Soros’s, one of the planet’s wealthiest men, past is marred with serious allegations of crimes and misdemeanors including a conviction for ‘insider trading’ by a French court that fined him $2.3 million. He may not be alone in this anti-India propaganda which has come to light in recent past. With passing of days, many mores’ on-going misadventures may come to light. After George Soros’ Davos declaration, the anti-Indian publicities and propagandas in western media, in particular, and demonstrations and vandalism of things connected to India in western world cities, which includes sacrilege of Mahatma Gandhi statue -the apostle of peace and non-violence- in London, Washington DC and California, have seen many folds increase. Even these anti-India activities have been so profitable that the child environmental activist Greta Thunberg risked her carefully built credibility and threw her weight on unjust farmer protest limited to some pockets of northern India spearheaded by some electoral rejects, unelected and known separatists and their dynasty political associates. Even Meena Harris, the niece of newly elected US Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been warned by The White House for her activities taking advantage of her aunt’s position, jumped the bandwagon of farmers protests, forget about the tweets pop star Rihanna and porn star Mia Khalifa’s so-called grieves for Indian farmers getting ventilated in their Twitter accounts.

Now, let us discuss the so-called liberal democratic concerns of social media Twitter. In the recent past, in the so-called heaven of the western liberalism where Jack Dorsey, George Soros and liberal advocate Meena Harris were born and brought up, Twitter dared to block the world’s most powerful person that is the President of America’s account on the ground of his tweets’ unreasonably questioning of the sanctity of November 03, 2020 presidential election, causing social polarization, and in fact, provoked January 06, 2021 violence and vandalism of Capitol Building that houses country’s top law making institutions like Senate and House of Representatives, pending President-elect taking oath of office later.

Similarly, in the same month, on January 26, when India was celebrating 72nd Republic Day, there was violence in the national capital and vandalism in the Red Fort ramparts from where Prime Ministers of India have been unfurling the national flag on Independence Day non-stopped since start of self-rule. Protesters scaled the flag post and hosted the religion flag in place of national tricolor. Before, after and during the intervening period between before and after the January 26 violence, there were several tweets, including hashtanged tweet that alleges PM Modi causing farmers’ genocide, provoking violence. Later, the investigations located the tweets were originated both in India and beyond including Pakistan and Western countries. And there were tweets from eminent journalists and elected politician like elected Donald Trump that a protester killed in police firing whereas the truth was the so-called protester died due to his tractor’s overturn after violently hitting a barricade in front of several TV and mobile cameras.

Issue of contestation is the Government of India enacted new Farm Laws with objectives to reform the much debated farm sector and to make the farming more profitable to dependents, who constitute more than 50% of nation’s population with GDP contribution of just 18%, and relieve the small farmers from middlemen rampant manipulations and exploitations.

Before the farm laws were passed in 2020, there was demand for the same in the past.

One of the top farmer leaders, who has several other businesses, had once supported the reform as soon as the same was voted in the Parliament to be law of the land, is now protesting.

Even a regional party that rules Delhi and has gone to the extent of getting the gazette notification of the part of laws on November 23, 2020 for implementation of the law in the state is found providing infrastructure facilities including WiFi service to the agitators who include separatists, extremists, etc. which Republic Day violence has exposed.

Post violence, the Government of India directed the Twitter management to block the said social media accounts of dubious entities and individuals, who have been found engaged in promoting violence on Republic Day, using the same logic that the social media used while blocking Donald Trump account just a few weeks back. But, SM management has not implemented the same in full. Instead, it argues to protect Freedom of Expression of account holders as per Art 19.1.a in Indian Constitution. Who are they to interpret Indian Law? Are they above the Supreme Court of India which time and again says FoE is not absolute? In the meantime, the ‘toolkit’ to promote violence in farmer agitations, designed and developed by offshore based extremist elements, who used Twitter accounts of pliable and juvenile environmentalists in India and abroad to carry forward their anti-India agenda, has been accidentally found leaked over the site. The contents of ‘toolkit’ now reveal that Twitter had provided, has been providing and will be providing the main propaganda platform for sustainable campaign.

Is it for this that the vested interest Twitter is reluctant to comply the sovereign Indian government dictate? Above all, Twitter is a business entity based in the US. Its majority of share-holders are in America. And the share-holders have invested in Twitter for monetary return. Plain logic is if providing propaganda platform the SM earns handsomely, why should it bother for social conflict and sovereignty of another country? Here, neither the Government of India nor Twitter forget that GoI is duty bound to maintain law and order in the nation as well as to provide justice to small farmers and the consumers of firm products at large. If, on the way, Twitter is found a huddle, it should be schooled appropriately and as per law of the land -now itself- by the government accountable to the citizens of India in every five years.

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Bimal Prasad Mohapatra
Bimal Prasad Mohapatra
Columnist is a Senior Research Fellow in Defense Research and Studies (DRaS), Faculty of Management Studies in Trident Group of Institutions, Bhubaneswar, and author of novel "Travails of LOVE" and "Bimal's ANAND MATH". He writes column on Geopolitics, Indian Politics and Media for MyVoice.OpIndia, DRaS, The Kootneeti, The Diplomatists, The Avenue Mail, Delhi Post, Orissa Post, Outlook Afghanista, The Manila Times, etc. And also Moderated Panel Discussion on Geopolitics, Politics and Media
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