Friday, June 21, 2024


Red Fort

India’s farm laws: The victims of vested interests

The 2020 enacted Farm Laws are victims of the clash between Modi-BJP-RSS and Gandhi-Congress-WPC.

School ‘Twitter’ before it’s too late

f the micro blogging site Twitter is not schooled now for its willful disobey and disregard to Indian sovereign laws, note it will be too late to do the same by the victim that is sovereign India.

Red Fort 26/1: Fall from grace for Government

No logic, explanation or means can justify or defend the vandalism of protesters on 26 Jan in Delhi. Time will tell the tale of ramifications of this act of vandalism on Republic day.

Desecration of democratic institutions by electoral rejects and unelected

Two violent incidents in two democracies of the world which put the nation to the shame.

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