Thursday, May 23, 2024
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The author is an environmentalist and has been working in field of rain water harvesting, water conservation, forestation and afforestation. You can reach out to him on his e-mail [email protected]

A nation without character- An insight into mindset of Indians

From being oldest civilisation which had shown path to entire world to new heights of immorality

When electricity had no use!

Reflections on Earth day - how our life changed in last few decades and its cost on environment.

Red Fort 26/1: Fall from grace for Government

No logic, explanation or means can justify or defend the vandalism of protesters on 26 Jan in Delhi. Time will tell the tale of ramifications of this act of vandalism on Republic day.

Fertiliser subsidy : A curse of Green Revolution and paradox of farmers welfare

Much contrary to the perception of farmers; the fertiliser subsidies are actually causing harm to them. Unfortunately, farmers have got into this vicious cycle which will ultimately turn their land into desert.

Stubble burning: A classical case where cure turned out to be worse than disease

Last week Govt announced that a new law will be enacted to tackle pollution in Delhi and NCR. But does the solution lie in this? Are we trapped at a point of no return? Or will it take us from a bad situation to an even worse situation?

He who tills the land: A chance encounter with a small farmer

We feel elated when we hear that Govt will double the income of farmers or when they claim that a new act passed will change lives of farmers. But the real picture remains very different. It is very difficult for us to gauge the facts on ground unless we experience it first hand.

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