Saturday, July 20, 2024


Harish Salve

Who will prosecute the prosecution?

It is singularly unfortunate that our criminal justice system is not just  ‘creaking but plain simple broke’ as jurist Harish Salve said, and needs not band aid fixes, but desperate  surgical remedies.

School ‘Twitter’ before it’s too late

f the micro blogging site Twitter is not schooled now for its willful disobey and disregard to Indian sovereign laws, note it will be too late to do the same by the victim that is sovereign India.

Regional Benches of Supreme Court in your Homes?

While reluctantly acknowledging that the resort to Videoconferencing by Supreme Court and High Courts may be the need of the hour, at this moment of time, it ought not to stay beyond a minute of its need.

Why Justice Arun Mishra was after all right in refusing recusal

Seeking recusal is not an offence. But seeking recusal on ‘legal issues’ does no credit to the cause. It may have been easy for Justice Mishra to yield. He deserves praise for standing up. It redounds to the institution’s image.

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