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Alternate reality of those who castigate ‘Bhakts’

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Don’t know how many would have come across Ravi Joshi’s article in Deccan Herald – ‘Bhakts’ and their reality. This article was shared on Twitter by Sheela Bhatt of the Editors Guild. It sounded more like the jeremiad of a Congress twitter troll, rather than a former Cabinet Secretariat Official (as mentioned in the article). It takes the reader on a roller coaster ride called ‘Alternate Universe’. Somewhere between, the author loses the distinction between President Trump and PM Modi. So he goes on to attack ‘bhakts’ with the deeds of some Americans, as a stick. This is not a rebuttal of such a motivated article, since most of the Modi supporters are not as portrayed in it. This is about the side which he may not write about.

For die hard Congress supporters, 10 JP is their holy land & Nehru, their God. Rajiv Gandhi – the one who apparently invented computers in India. “Pidis” or “Dynasty slaves”, as they are called, have found words like “bhakt”, “tadipar”, “Sanghi” as slurs. Not to forget, they (or their leader) are mostly what they have been using as slurs for their rivals. Well, what do you call someone who sneaks out to Bangkok every now and then? For a frog in the well, everything outside looks like an ‘alternate reality’.

Is BJP the only party with an IT cell ?

Regarding the setting up of an IT Cell, which party does not have one? Maybe it’s the electoral success of BJP which explains the hatred for its IT Cell. But, the biggest complaint a BJP supporter has, is that “The IT Cell is not working hard enough”. This is when such a supporter sees a slew of fake news/propaganda unleashed by the IT Cells of Opposition Parties.

There is no shortage of Facebook pages and Party stooges of Congress who masquerade as writers, lyricists, comedians, fact checkers, influencers and what not? Most of their activities involve white washing and fact checking their way out of crimes, drawing false equivalences and even instigating riots.

News report on Pravin Chakravarty

Few months after BJP was back in power, there were reports of Congress planning to disband the ‘Data Analytics Department’, a euphemism for their ‘IT Cell’. The saga of Divya Spandana, Social Media head of Congress is well known. It ended with her disappearance after 2019 Lok Sabha results came. A Sunday Guardian report even hinted that Pravin Chakravarty, the head of Congress’ Data Analytics department was a ‘mole’ of BJP. These were all part of the poor attempts to shield Rahul Gandhi from blame. Anyway Chakravarty was reinstated as he proved himself to be a good ‘bhakt’ of Rahul.

Alternate universe, where other IT Cells thrive

They are some of those who live in the ‘alternate reality’ where they ‘believe’ Nehru and Mughals are responsible for anything good that happened in India. Simple because Nehru was supposed to be some ‘secular’ leader and the Mughals, of course god sent rulers. Some of these include the absurd belief that no one other than Nehru built hospitals and colleges.

For them, Savarkar and RSS (now, Modi and BJP) must be blamed for everything wrong, simply because they did not ‘believe’ in the same ideology. Some of these sycophants just don’t want a strong cultural foundation to this country. They prefer to push Savarkar’s vision of a strong industrialised society, under the mat and claim that either the Mughals or Nehru were first to do it. Again, that depended upon the time period of such incidents.

It seems such IT Cells want to show Nehru’s actions as sanctimonious and above scrutiny. It’s the questioning of a decades old monopoly, which hurts such dynastic autocrats. A lot of their silent sympathisers too, who enjoyed some privileges under the old Nehru dynasty regime are also offended with it. They can’t imagine losing those or they’re disgruntled that they lost it.

The word ‘belief’ is the most widely misused word by some Congress sycophants. Anyone who has gone through the replies to tweets carrying news reports of Opindia, Swarajya etc know how these specimens behave. They would be ‘refusing to believe’ contemporary news reports, just because it was published on such sites. The same news which would have appeared on other sites as well.

When it comes to ‘having an own set of facts’ like this, it become hard to beat them. This explains their strange rants after any election result comes out. When it turns out to be a defeat, the EVMs or the voters are blamed. When they come out victorious, it becomes ‘befitting reply to fascism’. The biggest pipe dream this party has till now is the Prime Minister-ship of Rahul Gandhi. Something enough to scare the average voter in India, beyond wits. Their attempts to relaunch Rahul, resemble the efforts of Pakistan in launching satellites.

The use of WhatsApp

When it comes to the use of WhatsApp, Congress can take pride in it as well, just like Nehru got the credit for everything. They have been adept in spreading lies even before Social Media or WhatsApp became popular. One such fairy tale of those days was George Fernandes’ coffin scam, which never existed!

Read –Who is instigating violence in colleges: Congress, NSUI, a sinister WhatsApp group and anti-CAA protests. After all, this is child’s play for a party whose ‘karyakartas’ massacred Sikhs in 1984 after Indira Gandhi was assassinated. The refusal to ‘believe’ in the occurrence of the riots or belief that it was an ‘RSS Conspiracy’ shows the alternate reality where some are still stuck in.

Since Congress is a party which divided India and created a failed nation called Pakistan, they have shown the magnanimity to include Pakistanis in their WhatsApp group. Read this, to see another use they have put this technology to.

Double standards, today

The COVID-19 crisis has shown the true colours of such doormats. After working hard to get take the credit of the “Bhilwara model”, imagine their plight when they have to hide the failure in Maharashtra. Also, to defend Rahul Gandhi’s statement of having ‘only a supporting role’ in the state. Thereby, relinquishing all responsibility for the situation. This becomes the classic ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ syndrome.

Since the author mentioned about PM Modi following trolls, there are some things which must be known. That argument was a pathetic excuse made by Swati Chaturvedi to legitimise her story book. How can someone be held accountable for the acts of those on the ‘following list’, in an app? If that’s the case, the same journalist fraternity followed and supported a Hindu hating bigot and an account which had ISIS links.

When it comes to juggling with alternate reality, let’s be clear that no one can beat the Congress minions.

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