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Rs.72,000/ year income to poor, middle class tax payers may be forced to pay higher tax by congress, beware

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The comments of the Vice- Chairman of NITI Aayog Shri Rajiv Kumar about the minimum income guarantee promise of Congress party can be questioned technically but morally Shri Rajiv Kumar is right to question the above Jumla because every citizen of this country is responsible to expose those political parties that sell lies and falsehood to poor and gullible people to win election. From the point of view of moral and citizen’s responsibility per see, what Shri Rajiv Kumar has said deserves rich appreciation. The dynast has announced Rs. 72,000 per year to nearly 25 crore people, which prima facia looks bizarre, farcical and fictitious. Just a promise without details of how the poor people will be identified, where is the money, will impose more income and indirect taxes to generate revenue are the questions people of India wants to know.

Rahul Gandhi is known for giving speeches without any substances and merit. But shamelessly he also uses to keep his face great after giving such meaningless and meritless speeches as if he has given Nobel Prize Wining speech.

Talking about poor and elimination of poverty are the most common subject of congress party since 1947 and that is why even in 2019 election, the dynast wants to keep the same promise to win election.

The middle income group, especially the tax payers have lots of fear about the scheme.

The possible revenue required may be generated from the tax payers as they can be squeezed and milked easily. Therefore the dynast has placed Damocles Sward above the head of all those tax payers and middle income group as they may be juiced if the dynast comes to power to roll out his political ambition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased the tax payer’s base and reduced the income tax and other indirect taxes, brought Mudra loan to support all micro and small industries, supported the entrepreneurs as a part of make in India vision.

PM Modi wants to empower people, make them entrepreneurs, job providers, exporters etc. The culture of tokenism and freebies PM Modi never follow because such gestures would never help the poor people to become rich and progressive. But congress party has the culture of making poor people remain poor and make poor people to support the party that make its political capital out of poverty and starvation.

The problem of the dynast is his credibility. In most of the occasions, he utters nonsense, lies, half-truth or unverified facts. The freedom that he enjoys today is due to the bail granted to him and his mother by Delhi court. He calls the Prime Minister a thief which has in fact angered every Indian. The dynast spread lies and negativism about Rafale deal, but nothing has worked, he tried to sell all kinds of cock and bull stories but nothing has worked and finally he has come up with a much bigger lie to fool the Indian electorates. This is the last weapon he is using to win election.

Dynast is facing an existential crisis politically even in his own constituency – Amethi, in UP. People wonder his chance of winning again from Amethi looks bleak because he has done nothing to his constituency in the last 10 years.

A person who has done nothing to his own constituency in the last 10 years is promising something for the country if he is elected to power. Look at his income how it has grown in the last 10 years?

Robert Vadra model of business is considered to be one of the outstanding business models of making money by using the formula of dynastic power, nepotism and corrupt means.

People of India, especially the middle income groups have lots to fear as they may be the first casualty of the above poll promise of the dynast. Chidambaram is known for grinding the tax payer’s therefore the middle income group and those tax payers have lots to fear about congress party.  The poor people if they fall into the trap of congress, they would continue to remain poor whereas if Narendra Modi comes to power, certainly he would empower them and will bring them to the main stream in a meaningfull manner than through false promises.

The cooking gas connection, building of toilet, electrification, drinking water supply, direct transfer of money from government schemes, health insurance, reservation to economically weaker section of people from unreserved category without affecting the existing reservation format are some of the examples of Narendra Modi’s governance. On the other hand, the government headed by the party of dynast was full of scams, to name a few, 2G, Aircel-Maxis, Adarsh, CWG, Coal allocation, Bofors, Augasta-Westland …… is there anything left?

India needs a stable, development centric government with decisive and affirmative Prime Minsiter – Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi’s government is the first government since 1947 free of corruption, nepotism and dynastic culture. Look at the way congress party functions today, from Assam to Tamil Nadu to Madhya Pradesh to Rajasthan to Maharastra to Haryana to Delhi, everywhere the family, dynasty, son or daughter of the existing leader only rules the party.

People of India must realize that their vote in 2019 is going to change the fortune and destiny of India. Electing Narendra Modi means the birth of new, aspirational India otherwise India would be under corrupt forces they would only partition India for their self-interest. Look at the alliance pattern of congress party either in Tamil Nadu or in Karnataka. Both DMK and JDS are party of dynast, follows the doctrine of dynasty and nepotism and known for corruption as well.

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