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Rs.72,000/ year income to poor, middle class tax payers may be forced to pay higher tax by congress, beware

Talking about poor and elimination of poverty are the most common subject of congress party since 1947 and that is why even in 2019 election, the dynast wants to keep the same promise to win election.

India’s poverty predicament

The government should be aware, which is expected it is that satisfaction in reducing the number of poor by setting only a reference line is not enough.

Demonetization and dignity of the poor

During this entire demonetization drive, the poor have been most decent and graceful. They understand that the history is being made.

क्योंकि वो कन्हैया नहीं है

उसने फैसला कर लिया है, वो कन्हैया नहीं बनेगा, क्योंकि वो स्वाभिमानी है

An Argumentative Poor Indian

I have always emphasized the importance of poor in Nobel Prize winning topics, in Oscar-winning scripts, in JNU dissertations, in trending columns of NDTV, The Hindu, NY Times, etc. and in seat winning political speeches.

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