Sedition v/s hate speech law

Journalists in India and section of super-intellectual class often say that law of sedition is outdated, law enacted during British times which is used as instrument of harassment and therefore must be abolished!

I never heard a single voice against law of Hate Speech which is also a British time law and often used to pamper Islam and target Hindus.

Media wish to ask tough questions to politicians but they are unable to answer simple questions asked to them on social media/online medium. They want authority of people’s mind without responsibilities and feel that debate in comfortable rooms will sort out all national problems!

It’s good to criticize Government in power. But I have not heard constructive criticism on Fasal Bima Yojana and report of CAG. I have not heard continuous debates on how much progress made under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. Some news channels started discussing about employment and vacancies shortage in Government jobs. This noble job happened when they realized that crying on issues like Dadri’s Akhlaiq won’t matter now. Also they never compare what happened in recent past Governments and what they did at that time.

The thing I hear frequently- How Muslims will change political equation? Is there any Modi Wave?

For a change to show that they have sympathy towards society, journalists may show you one poor village on TV or Bank sector problems. After that its enthusiasm for some cricketer marriage or celebrity gossip!

No debate on Hate Speech law.

On News channels Sitaram Yechury categorically said that shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan does not come under lens of sedition. To my surprise since several months people have not discussed about Hate Speech law which is often used to pamper Muslims and target Vedic Hinduism! Let us discuss history of Hate speech laws.

In 1927 a writing piece named Rangila Rasul came out. It described about life of Muhammad. At that time no Hate Speech law existed. Muslims killed the author. After that British enacted laws which punish on hurting religious sentiments. Sections of IPC like 253A, 153A deals with Hate Speech.

In 1953 Periyar damaged Ganesh idol. He was booked and trial was held. The lower court said that if an atheist damages an idol then the case is not about hurting sentiments. The High Court disagreed with comment of lower court but dismissed petition as 5 years passed.

Ramji Lal Modi was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment because his cartoons insulted Islam. One can clearly see a pattern how some laws specifically target Hindus. But media never debates on such issues!

Hate speech law rarely punished comments against Hindu Gods. People protested against movie PK but nothing happened!

Monopoly of elite on speech

Bharat is a youth nation. The problem with media is that they only present some JNU/DU students as representative of entire population? Will our media come out from Delhi? All debates are hijacked by ABVP/NUSI/AISF concerns and its politics of vote even on non-political genuine needs.

The debate on History is too restricted. One cannot discuss how Islamic invaders destroyed our Temples. I sometimes ask myself is SC/ST Act applicable if Muslim kills Dalit. Because the only narrative presented by media further divided Hindus. Why a person cannot criticize Gandhi in public space.

Last words

If the definition of Nationalism is ambiguous then it’s more complex in case of secularism. Standing for Hindu rights does not make me communal. Speaking against missionary lobby does not make me nonintellectual!

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