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The Atul Kochhar incident is a lesson in Liberal hypocrisy

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In last few weeks, much has been said about Atul Kochhar. Some have defended him for being proud Hindu, some have defended him on the grounds of Freedom of Expression. Then there were people who were sympathetic towards him on grounds of humanity and agreed that he has erred but the quantum of punishment was a bit too much. Then there were likes of people who showed their vicious nature. Celebrated termination of the contract, his financial loss and all this was justified because as per them he was a Bigot.

Now let’s dissect a few things, and I would just like to focus on a few things. To quote what he tweeted was – “It’s sad to see that you have not respected the sentiment of Hindus, who have been terrorized by Islam over 2000 years. Shame on you.”

Now on the surface, this tweet looks highly offensive, that’s only because this is not aligning with Social Justice concept. Let’s keep the content of the tweet but just replace who was terrorized and who terrorized and see if now its actually looks factual and sensible. To give a bit of context, the tweet was in response to a fictional scene where a Hindu nationalist was plotting a terror attack while intending to implicate Pakistan.

  • It’s sad to see that you have not respected the sentiment of Dalits, who have been terrorized by Upper caste over centuries. Shame on you.”

How does this sound? Revolutionary, a leader like, or even Justified. Cutting across all caste, creed and religion, there will be no Indian who would call the person who tweeted this as a bigot but a social justice. It is only because we all accept the ill-justice done to our fellow Indians was atrocious and we feel their pain and agony. If we look around there are people who have made their career, political or the rest using this sentiment. As far as I can remember I do not remember a movie/Play/Sitcom where Upper caste is playing as an evil Dalit just to implicate a community. If there is, feel free to share

  • It’s sad to see that you have not respected the sentiment of Blacks, who have been enslaved by whites for centuries. Shame on you.”

Does this sound bigoted? Is there anyone in the US today who can openly defy and slam this tweet. The tweeter would never be slammed as slavery is a stated fact. Such is the acceptance of the fact that Confederate statue was pulled down in North Carolina which was seen as a pro-slavery icon.

  • It’s sad to see that you have not respected the sentiment of Jews, who had been terrorized by Nazis. Shame on you.”

We are yet to see a plot were Holocaust is shown to be planned by a Jew to implicate a Nazi German. Holocaust is a historically accepted fact (There is only one sect of people who deny Holocaust, who they are? that’s for you to guess). In the context of such lunatic plot, if any could anyone say this tweet to be Naziphobic or bigoted?

One can always argue that people in public life should be more careful about what they say in public, but since when does saying an unpleasant fact become a cardinal sin. The biggest reason for the existing fault line between two communities seems to exist because no closure was given to the multiple atrocities committed on Native Hindu’s by Islamic Invaders. Many of these genocides were ordered purely because of the faith practised by the natives. The Muslims of India do not have to bear the burden of these invaders and do not have to defend the atrocities done by the invaders.

It was a sad state to see much vilification of the Chef by fellow Hindu’s only because he stated something factual. He was vilified only because of the people from a faith he supported and invaders from a faith he critiqued. Only to sound morally right or hate for the ideology from another side, many decided not to support him, even he was stating a fact. Remember that he is a British citizen and not an Indian Citizen so he was not targeted because of him being an Indian but the faith he supported and views he held. The same chef was also hailed for being cosmopolitan when he promoted his ‘Beef Balti’.

Without writing much, I would like to request the readers just to ponder on what lies next? In a country where millions were killed only because of their faith, one can not even talk about it. What and who’s next, time will tell.

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