GST finally gets delivered after 15 long years: Who deserves the credit?

At the midnight of 1st July, GST was implemented in India. Our beloved PM Namo went the Chacha way. India’s tryst with destiny transited to India’s tryst with economy. The baby which was expected by ABV, concieved by MMS, was delivered by Namo last night. It took 15 long years for its birth. But that’s India. We’re always late. But fine. Better late than Never.

Now how it is nurtured lets see. But what was surprising was the absence of The Grand Old Party. The Party kept baby crying and accusing Modi of stealing its thunder. It was really stupid to not attend the launch when you let pass the bill. Petty Politics! But party can’t be blamed. Leadership must be blamed for such historic mistake. And all know who the leader is. India’s Amul Baby “RaGa”. He was taking care of his Italian Granny. After all Family is above all.  That’s the only Indian Value which Scam Ridden Grand Old Party follows. Even I can tell the timetable of Congress leaders now. Morning they abuse Namo on twitter. Evening they do the same. And abusing  Namo at night is a must for peaceful sleep.

In Half-Italian Prince’s leadership the Party is just reduced to a bunch of noisy, mischievous and naughty headless chickens. The Chacha Baby is now on the verge of extinction. With RaGa’s motto of upliftment of Dalits with ‘escape velocity of Jupiter’ the INC got uplifted from the very Indian society. But accuse him and troll him all you Sanghis and Bhakts do. But you can’t deny the fact that only our Italian Superman is the ardent follower of ‘Chatur Baniya’, and you must agree that the he is working on the mission to dissolve the congress as dreamt by ‘Chatur Baniya’ faster than Namo.

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