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Ukraine Russia War

The prospect of Nuclear war in our times

The inevitability of the invasion.

India’s stand on Ukraine explained

India’s views on the democracies and shared values are identical to the USA as both share a multiethnic, multilanguage society bound by the same values of freedom of Press, free speech, and fundamental human rights to name just a few.

Russia-Ukraine crisis and it’s impact on Indian economy

We often encounter the hot debates around the whole concept of capitalism and free market economies.

Ukraine Crisis through the lens of American foreign policies

Calling Putin, a fascist, a new avatar of Adolf Hitler is just a lazy escapist idea taken directly out of some mainstream media outlets.

4 Lessons to Indians from Ukrainian war

Ukrainians forget their ethnic roots which led them to all the problems that right now they are facing. Any destruction or succession of the civilization is based on the knowledge that they have about their roots.

Memory War: Russia and Ukraine

In today's realpolitik, what needs to be seriously debated is this denial of Ukraine and separate Ukrainian identity irrespective of how closely the two have been interwoven through centuries. 

क्यों भारतीय मेडिकल छात्र पढ़ाई के लिए विदेश जाने को हैं मजबूर?

सवाल यही उठाता है कि हम खुद को विश्वगुरु कहलाने की होड़ में हैं और आज आपने ही देश के छात्रों को शिक्षा प्रदान नही करा पा रहे हैं? अपने सपनो को पूरा करने के लिए छात्रों को अपने माता पिता और देश को छोड़ कर हराजो मिल विदेश में पढ़ने जाना पड़ रहा है।

Naïve politician costing the country dearly

The western propagandization behind blaming Russia as the aggressor while they ignore scores of victims of US imperialism exposes shallowness of free corporate media.

Forget Ukraine, let’s concentrate to save Taiwan

In the recent past, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman have gone to the extent of threatening Australia and Japan with N-Warheads missiles attacks as they questioned the Middle Kingdom’s secrecy over Covid19 origin and trade policies violating international norms.

“Operation Ganga”– first nation to initiate evacuation of every Indian citizen

Sudden belligerent behavior of Russia, declaration of martial law by Ukrainian government made the Indian citizens stuck in the war zones.

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