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Tejaswi Yadav

Introspection and course correction time for intellectuals

We ordinary Indians humbly and sincerely hope you, major stakeholders in the country’s all-round development story, won’t fail to recognize your foolishness any more.

राजनितिक चरित्र के लुच्चापन का परिचायक

यंहा पर हम केवल बिहारी बाबू की ही चर्चा करेंगे।

The Bihar Elections and why “liberals” are trying to portray Tejaswi as a hero, even though reality suggests otherwise

Tejaswi Yadav was the deputy Chief minister of Bihar for 18 months and yet he doesn't have even a single accomplishment as the youngest Deputy CM of a state except the allegations of corruption against him.

Bihar: Elections that offered much more than victories, defeats

Key takeaways from this election are, even though NDA has won, the victory is not decisive. BJP will have a remote control of Bihar government. Modi is still a trusted face & BJP is still a number one party in the country.

Poll 2020, thumbs up to BJP’s Corona management & Tejaswi politics

This result has reduced the grand old party to the level of political pariah not only in Bihar but also in all over India, meaning any party before going to forge alliance with Congress-Gandhi has to think twice before forging alliance as benefit is doubtful.

What do the Bihar elections 2020 exit polls say?

The exit polls are out and it looks pretty clear that Bihar is going to see Tejaswi Yadav become its youngest-ever chief minister at the age of 31. Looking at the way the NDA media representatives reacted to the poll is a clear indication that they knew the results long back. Unlike the left ecosystem, the people who oppose the politics of the Congress or the RJD will not go out crying that the EVMs were hacked or 'the death of democracy' because of this result. Everyone will accept the verdict and will actually work towards getting ahead of it and winning the next election. And that is how a democracy should work.

Politics of Electoral Insurance- Modi-Shah style!

Post Bihar elections, what if Nitish Kumar takes another U-turn and does a Uddhav Thackeray on BJP? So how does Modi-Shah respond to this situation? By buying some Electoral Insurance! : Read how.

बिहार में का बा

ये एक ऐसा सवाल है जो चुनाव ख़त्म होने के बाद अगले पांच साल हम जरुर पूछते है पर जब वोट डालने का समय आता है तब हम बिहार को भूल कर जातिवाद जैसे विभाजनकारी मानसिकता को चुन लेते है। इस मानसिकता को बदले बिना हम बिहार के विकास की कल्पना भी नहीं कर सकते।

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