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Smriti Irani

Paradise Papers: BJP MP hauls Indian Express up

“If the Indian Express claims to be the beacon of independent journalism, why are they not targeting other reputed public figures such as Sachin Pilot, P. Chidambaram, Pinarayi Vijayan etc who have all been named in the ICU Paradise Papers?”

How to make India wear Indian

This article suggests a direction to revive the handloom and handicrafts industry in India. It talks about restoring the relevance of the products to keep up with the demands of the contemporary consumer.

Why can’t we humiliate Dr. Manmohan Singh?

No party enjoys criticism of its leaders. But Congress has a slightly different approach. When criticized, they don’t react with anger, but with disbelief.

Inaction of HRD on Core Issues : Reforms Need of the Hour

Many expectations of people from the HRD ministry remain unfulfilled

Another hitjob: Army is NOT being hired to teach patriotism

India Today carries out another hitjob

HRD Ministry : Empowering Students & Strengthening Education System with Quality Efforts

A report on various initiatives taken by Smriti Irani, Union Human Resource Development Minister.

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