Sunday, May 28, 2023


Sabarimala Temple

My Two-cents on the so-called ‘Women’s discrimination’ in Sabarimala

It is very sad to see that when there are many real and hurtful incidents happening against women in various parts of India, the Sabarimala women petitioners have managed to find time, money and other resources to indulge in a court case where not a single woman is getting hurt.

Sabarimala temple entry- A Political problem with Pre-political roots

In the name of administering gender justice and to uphold order in the society, the courts and thereby the law- makers want to effect permanent change in the human condition.

Supreme court’s Sabarimala ruling was flawed-rejection of ‘stay plea’ is more fallacious

Not just Sabarimala, but there is no specific sanction in any Hindu scriptures to impose gender bias in Temples: did supreme court not review Hindu scriptures before passing its judgement?

Sabarimala, judicial overreach, activism or ill-informed grandstanding?

The society would be better served if 'certain' minds while still being given a space in the society is not allowed to muddy the waters or create schisms

Here is why Sabarimala verdict is a perfect case for review

It cannot be denied that freedom of religion is the inalienable and sacred of human rights, which is provided by our constitution as a fundamental right.

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