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What is there is the building

It is the farsighted vision of current government — dedicating the new Parliament building to the country by the 75th year of Independence in 2022 —which will nurture the atmanirbhar nation’s aspiration.

Repeal the law, not reform

Without developing new markets for the more dynamic lines of activity, agriculture, farmers and the economy will be stuck with a slow-moving cereal economy.

Police reform: Need of the hour

police have become the ‘subjects’ of Parliamentarians and legislators – with a high degree of politicization and allegiance towards ruling party. India still follows the Police Act, 1861, framed by the British, largely with an aim to crush dissent.

धर्म की राजनीति

जब तक हम धर्म की तथ्यात्मक आलोचना करने से बचते रहेंगे तब तक हम अतिवाद से मुक्त नहीं हो पायेंगे।

Reforms 2.0- India’s subservience to the structural motifs of Modern Nation State is almost complete

The wide variegated set of reforms which are dotting India's Economy, affecting the Indian Society in turn, need to be observed carefully with poise.

20 quick reform suggestions to PMO, Modi Government

Twenty areas where Modi government should focus for quick reforms

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