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arun rai

"At least allow a loud silence to absorb all the noises." Occasional poet , only for personal pleasure. Post Graduate in Literature. There is no better teacher for you than yourself and no better method than self-study. It takes only yourself out of you. A proud Hindu, have a centre to right attitude, hate dynasty politics, democratisation of the Indian society is the ultimate aim.

My poor motherland

कड़ी निंदा कब तक?

Left wing’s failure and why right-wing appeals to Hindus

Due to their selective outrage, Indian leftists have lost the trust and support of a common Indian.

The Broken Idol

I am a broken Idol, Don't recognise me? You called me Ganesha, I just was sitting on a hill-top and pretending to watch everything. It proved too much and you broke me down.

For God’s sake, hold your tongue on Surgical Strikes

Unity is the need of the hour

धर्म की राजनीति

जब तक हम धर्म की तथ्यात्मक आलोचना करने से बचते रहेंगे तब तक हम अतिवाद से मुक्त नहीं हो पायेंगे।

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