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Increasing learning gap

The narrowing of distance between school, home and community is a welcome step and needs to continue even after schools reopen.

Mirror of self-discovery in pandemic

This year has been really horrific. Obnoxious amount of sadness, sickness and death. Nature forced us to confront ourselves in a lot many ways. But hope prevails. The waves of faith keep crashing the beach.

Generation-gap and the Buddhism

Buddhism has the potentiality to tackle even the contemporary problems of the complex life as well as varied human situations in a better way.

क्यों न फिर से निर्भर हो जाए

क्या हमने कभी रुक कर सोचा या फिर पलट कर स्वयं से यह सवाल किया कि क्यों हम अपने बच्चों पर निर्भर नहीं होना चाहते?

Questions on single parenting by choice

Adoption over surrogacy is more for social justice. There are kids who deserve a better life, but are rendered homeless by cruel designs of nature, or even crueler designs of their parents.

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