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Remembering Netaji: Not only for his mysterious death, but also for his marvelous deeds

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is a part of our heritage.

India recognizes and finally pays respect to Netaji

India can not imagine her freedom without the real on ground fighters like Netaji!

Subhas Chandra Bose and the youths of present

Subhas Chandra Bose will continue to inspire millions of youths at present and many more years to come.

Relevance of Netaji for 21st century leaders

t is more important now that we remember and celebrate this man’s achievements since we are in desperate need of great leadership in 21st century in every sector.

Partition of India and Netaji

Had all Indians taken arms against British and supported Azad Hind Fauz of Netaji from within India in 1942 instead of allowing the Congress to launch non-violent ‘Quite India Movement’ of Gandhi, the history of sub-continent would have been different.

महापुरुषों के जीवन-निकष पर हम कितना खरा उतर पाए हैं?

संपूर्ण विश्व में न्याय, समानता एवं स्वतंत्रता के पैरोकार एवं प्रशंसक नेताजी सुभाष चंद्र बोस से प्रेरणा ग्रहण करते हैं और करते रहेंगें। उनकी प्रतिभा एवं देशभक्ति, जीवटता एवं संघर्षशीलता, साहस एवं स्वाभिमान, स्वानुशासन एवं आत्मविश्वास, संगठन एवं नेतृत्व-कौशल, ध्येय एवं समर्पण सहसा विस्मित करने वाला है।

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