Friday, May 7, 2021


Modi Government

The Hindi debate: Old issue, new packaging

The issue of language has been a big hindrance in the path of constructive discussions on other issues in education system of this country.

Is the goal of a 5 trillion dollar economy realistic?

Modi 2.0 government is keen on catapulting India to a 5 trillion economy by 2025.

Modi, the total and complete Prime Minister of India

Modi is the first complete PM of India who lives fully for India and Indians unlike the political parties that follow the rule of dynasty and family worship

Farmers Market

Some suggestions for the betterment of farmers.

7 major hits and misses of Modi Government

Irrespective of intentions- no government or leader can be 100% perfect and there are always going to be hit and some misses.

Why the C3 ecosystem is poverty dependent

The carriers of the lifeblood of information within this ecosystem formed its final pillar, the Fourth Estate.

Do Indians want Mahagathbandhan: The friendship story of monkey and crocodile?

The sum total development of India achieved during Congress rule in the last 60 years will fall far below than the development happened in India since 2014.

The government versus RBI spat

Govt. and RBI should discuss and sort out these irritants in a relationship, which should recover quickly, with no long-term harm done. The spat must be bridged or remain limited and not blow up further.

The agenda of Ram mandir and development are monozygoic twins

Development of the human mind, making man conscious of his responsibilities and duties both to his family, society and to the country is equally important. 

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