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minimum marriage age of a girl raised to 21

Girls’-marriage-age-increase would ensure gender-justice & empowerment: But for some concerns

Some women-groups question the rationale behind the move. They ask: when girls are matured enough to vote at eighteen, why can’t they marry?

वैवाहिक दुष्कर्म कानून की मांग और दाम्पत्य में संयम का आदर्श

वर्तमान में जब सामाजिक और पारिवारिक जीवन अन्यान्य कारणों से इतना जटिल हो गया है तो क्यों न अपने अतीत से कुछ सीख लें जो जीवन को कानूनी दुरुहता से बचा कर रख सके।  

Rise of legal age of marriage for women – The need and implications

Globally women still do not have equal opportunities and representation in various fields. In India a lot of reforms were made for women. Still, there is discrimination and under representation of women in various fields.

The age of Graduation and the age of marriage: 21 years is the new face

The legality of marriages is far from a simple definition of marriageable age. Each and every community have their own personal laws, adding confusion to complexity.

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