Saturday, July 4, 2020


Lies of Congress

Putrefaction and political decomposition of AAP, better AAP merge with Congress

Many leaders in several states are liquidating congress and joining other parties on daily basis, but interestingly Aravind Kejriwal of AAP is so adamant and wants to align with congress party in Delhi.

Congress manifesto and tax terrorism – Middle class and youths have lots to worry about

Congress party over 70 years of its rule has made India poor, strategically remained the poor as poor and now the same congress wants to uplift the poor people. The manifesto of congress party is nothing but crocodile tear.

Fact checking the fact checkers – Is any one fact checking Rahul Gandhi?

This is actually a nightmare for democracy. We need opposition that can raise real issues with facts. If the ecosystem continues to be fake news paddlers - then we would not have a real check and balance in place for the NDA government.

Population Explosion 2 – The missing ‘Aadhar’

Congress in last seven decades did what British did i.e. divide. Congress ran an occupation in India exactly like the British did. Add more castes in the census then divide the states and constituencies based on the caste stats, inflate the numbers and rule.

पुलवामा पर सरकार से ज़्यादा घटिया राजनीति हम कर रहे हैं

लिबरल्स से निवेदन है की वे ज्ञान ना बाँटें, ये समय है साथ खड़े होने का न कि पुराने विडीओ शेयर करने का, राजनीति करने के लिये जीवन पड़ा हुआ है लेकिन अगर सेना का मोराल डाउन हो गया तो, आप जो ये ज्ञान दे रहे है, वो देने से पहले आतंकवादी आपके मुँह में बारूद भर देंगे।

‘X’ factor in Lok Sabha elections 2019

Opposition speak lies loudly and repeatedly, overshadowing the truths and glories of the govt. Modi and BJP can't take it lightly which will only ensure a defeat in 2019.

क्या झूठ बोलकर राहुल गाँधी मोदी को हरा पाएंगे?

अगर राहुल गाँधी या कोई और नेता ऐसा समझता है कि बेबुनियाद आरोपों को पूरी बेशर्मी के साथ बार-बार दोहराने से उसे सत्ता मिल सकती है, तो अभी भी ३-४ महीने का समय बाकी है-राहुल गाँधी ऐसे झूठे आरोप लगाने के लिए पूरी तरह आज़ाद हैं.

Retired officer’s outrageous lie that Army wasted 1 day at Ahmedabad’s airfields on 1 March 2002 and other lies nailed

There is huge evidence to show PM Modi took all steps to prevent & control riots which were also not one-sided

Visual, hearing, tactile, olfactory and scam hallucination of Rahul Gandhi needs immediate medical attention

Rahul Gandhi seems to be suffering from a series of mind related problems these days so whatever he sees or hears or touches or smells, he finds nothing but scam. 

राफेल: खोदा पहाड़ -निकला “रॉबर्ट वाड्रा”

कांग्रेस ने राफेल बनाने वाली कंपनी से सौदा करते समय वाड्रा के दोस्त संजय भंडारी की कंपनी को बीच में घुसाने की कोशिश की थी ताकि इस डील में जो भी कमीशन मिले वह इस कंपनी के जरिये वापस आ जाए.

Latest News

The era of expansionists is over

‘Narendra Modi’, has lifted the spirit of statesmanship to an entirely different level

Who is responsible: UP police martyrdom

Were the policemen sent to "arrest" Vikas Dubey trained, disciplined or organized enough to carry out such an operation? Or were they just a motley group of personnel who happened to be on duty on that fateful night?

Mamata Banerjee and her oppression politics, can she win again?

As Bengal gearing up for upcoming "Vidhan Sabha" election, parties already preparing to build their consent through online campaigns, it is probably going to be the toughest challenge against Mamata Banerjee where her oppression politics has no gain.

Is China losing an undeclared war with India?

China has been following the policy of delusion with all its neighboring countries, imposing its territorial claims that don't have the potential to escalate the war and are enough to bring embarrassment to them.

Erroneous notions of statesmanship shall prove deleterious to Indian foreign policy with regard to China

The India-U.S.-Japan-Australia quad must not remain a quad merely on paper. Further, it would be propitious to include more nations into such an alliance.

Recently Popular

Why Sharad Pawar supported Modi, slammed Rahul Gandhi on China

He is trying to recreate The old Third Front in a new avatar and defeat Narendra Modi in 2024.

Who killed Sushant?

Initially his suicide was linked with bullying and nepotism. Rhea has been already interrogated in this case. The Mumbai police has already registered a case under professional rivalry and is investigating.

A requiem for unsung victim: Bengali Hindus of Bangladesh

one of the most underreported cases of persistent ethnocide in the post-colonial period had certainly been with the Bengali Hindus of East Bengal. In terms of magnitude of brutality and spread on scale of time, it has hardly had any parallel in contemporary history.

The story of Lord Jagannath and Krishna’s heart

But do we really know the significance of this temple and the story behind the incomplete idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Maa Shubhadra?

Striking similarities between the death of Parveen Babi and Sushant Singh Rajput: A mere co-incidence or well planned murders?

Together Rhea and Bhatt’s media statements subtly and cleverly project Sushant as some kind of a nut job like Parveen Babi, another Bhatt conjuring.