Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Liberals against Sabrimala

Liberals continue to live in parallel universe: Ref: Justice Dananjay Yashwant Chandrachud‘s lecture on “Binding India together“

The lecture delivered by Mr. D.Y.C fits to a 'T' of a typical intellectual Liberal’s romantic fantasisation of an ideal liberalised democracy.

Why Sabarimala verdict is wrong, Atheist version!

Women who just want to enter the temple for the sake of women empowerment should focus their struggle on other fundamental issues. There are issues of women's security, education, health, political participation, etc.

Is there indeed ‘gender discrimination’ in Sabarimala?

The age-old tradition is not based on ‘discrimination’ but is based on ‘distinction.’

Sabarimala, judicial overreach, activism or ill-informed grandstanding?

The society would be better served if 'certain' minds while still being given a space in the society is not allowed to muddy the waters or create schisms

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