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India China trade relation

India’s import obligations amidst US-China confrontation and Indo-China border dispute

India needs to explore other Non Traffic Measures to decrease the low quality Chinese imports while keeping a check on the Rules of Origin norms to maintain a strategic distance from any redirection of imports, simultaneously exploring other trading partners.

Retribution time for China has come

Retribution is absolutely certain as this time China has messed up with a wrong entity. India is not anymore stuck in the colonized leadership of 60s that would be cowed down to a bully. India was never weak but this time around the leadership of the country is in the hands of a visionary leader who knows how to treat a treacherous bully. I am sure the government is working on the detailed plans to dismantle this rouge regime and it's hegemonic plans but if rest of the world supports, it might be the best time to liberate Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, Manchuria, Yunnan and other lands in the South China sea from the Chinese forced occupation.

‘Boycott Chinese’ movement: Impulsive or justified?

Analysts and experts do believe however that all India needs to replicate the China model, today, is a strong political leadership that can think beyond electoral benefits and start pushing initiatives like "Make in India" aggressively and persistently till it gains sufficient momentum on its own.

Can India steer its course away from Chinese goods?

While Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is eyeing to boost up MSMEs, the local to global initiative can only be realised through overcoming the demand slump prevailing in the Indian economy.

चीन की हान मानसिकता को भारत ने नमो मानसिकता से मात दे दी, बात- चीत की टेबल लेकर खड़ा है ड्रैगन

कल ही चीन के रक्षा मंत्री ने बयान जारी कर कहा है कि दोनों देश एक समान सैन्य व कूटनीतिक क्षेत्र में क्षमता रखते है, एलएसी पे जारी तनाव हमरे लिए चिंता की बात है, और चीन ये मानता है कि दोनों देश बात चित से इस मामले को सुलझाने में सक्षम है।

China hoodwinking Nepal and creating furrow between Indo Nepal relations

The only issue that needs to be taken care in this situation is that if Nepal’s economy collapses china will keep giving loans and when the burden of loan will increase on Nepal China will start occupying Nepal's area for its military purposes

Wuhan crisis and its impact on the Asian region

Can India turn this crisis into an opportunity where China might find challenges for exporting its goods to the world, thereby opening a door for India?

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