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Retribution time for China has come

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Couple of decades back while on a trip to Japan, I had taken my mother along with me. One of my Japanese friends there invited us to his home for dinner together with all his family. We both being strict vegetarians, our hosts had taken utmost care to ensure that only vegetarian food was cooked that day and all were served vegetarian food only. Over the dinner my mother was given a piece of tempura that was very chewy. So she told me in Kashmiri that it feels like there is some meat in it. I told her that she can just go to the restroom and spit it out. Looks like somebody, probably one of the kids had brought in tempura from the market although asking only for vegetarian but had erroneously been given a piece of octopus tempura along. Those of you who know Japan well and many places in west, will know that mostly the people there do not really understand the concept of strict vegetarianism and are generally ambivalent about such food preferences. And unfortunately this octopus tempura piece got served to my mother.

It is a small mistake that happened in-spite of the hosts taking utmost care in ensuring that they only made and ordered vegetarian food. But the hostess of the house was so distressed and remorseful that she began to sob at this inadvertent mistake and kept on apologizing to my mother. In-spite of telling her it is alright and not a big deal but throughout the evening she was extremely sad and kept profusely and continuously apologizing to my mother. Then my mother had to literally hug her to get her to relax.

Now back home in India, even if we touch another person mistakenly by foot, we immediately touch them with our hands and ask for forgiveness. The reason for that is, we believe that the same divinity resides in every person and hence we seek immediate remission even though the mistake was unintentional.

In Indic civilization we believe in “Karmic laws, that basically means “what goes round comes round” or “what you sow is, what you reap”. So we are extremely aware of any wrongdoing done and know the retribution will come and hence are immediately repentant.

While it largely depends on the culture, similar such examples can be seen from across the globe. But what amazes me is the deep disconnect of the Chinese regime with the basic and fundamental human values. They, in their hunger for hegemonic control of the world, inflict miseries on the rest of the world and may be even on their own people, but do not even show an iota of self-reproach for their actions, that too out of their own volition. It is something that is unthinkable that a regime can be so cruel and brutal. All the indications show that the Corona pandemic was a well planned strategy to cripple the world and then start the dance of dominance when the world is at its weakest point both from the health and the economic point of view.

As of now hundreds of thousands of people have already lost their lives because of this induced biological warfare. Many more are falling prey to this pandemic every day. The world has come to a stand still and yet China has not even a whimper of remorse. And on the contrary is going about its expansionist plans with full fury and urgency.

Couple of days back I logged into a professional network portal and was shocked to see the amount of job loss messages coming from around the world because of forced retrenchment due to the pandemic. Millions have already lost their jobs and are struggling to fend for themselves and their families. Yet, China is busy bullying everyone around the world and continuing to act as defiant as ever.

What do you call such a belligerent attitude? It can be nothing else but pure evil.

So, will inflicting such misery on a vast population go without reparation? Will imposing a vast collective trauma on people go without punishment? Will the sighs of unguarded and helpless people go unanswered?

The answer is no as Karma will catch up. The seed you have watered will bear its fruit.

While everything has its own time for fruition, I think the time for punishing China has come. Our scriptures say when evil has reached its pinnacle a higher power will manifest and take control to ensure that the evil is punished and destroyed.

Right now China seems to have crossed all the limits of vileness and the retribution will follow. This time round it will be India that will give the lesson of the century to China. India is already leading the effort of cutting this bully to its size. While many countries may not be able to pitch in with the help in material terms, but the wishes of all the people of this world are with India while it is carrying out this dharmic duty.

Already Indian soldiers have given a befitting reply to Chinese PLA at Galwan for their deceitful attack with weaponry on our unarmed soldiers by inflicting more than double the casualties on the PLA side. And while they were still nursing their bloody nose, Indian government has banned their snooping apps from India that will not only cut their economic gains but also cut the constant stream of Indian people’s personal data that they use for psychological warfare. While they are still reeling from this digital surgical strike, government ministries have announced banning or revoking of the contracts with Chinese companies that were involved in infrastructure building within India.

This time around, China has messed up with a wrong entity. India is not anymore stuck in the colonized leadership of 60s that would be cowed down to a bully. India was never weak but this time around the leadership of the country is in the hands of a visionary leader who knows how to treat a treacherous bully. I am sure the government is working on the detailed plans to dismantle this rouge regime and it’s hegemonic plans but if rest of the world supports, it might be the best time to liberate Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, Manchuria, Yunnan and other lands in the South China sea from the Chinese forced occupation.

Since it is not just India that is affected by China’s belligerence, I would appeal to all the citizens of a world that believe in peaceful coexistence, at the very least to boycott Chinese products and help in fight against this treacherous bully economically.

The process has begun, but it going to be a long drawn affair with multiple pronged approach including militarily, economically, diplomatically and socially. We as countrymen should be ready to stand up together and support our government and ensure that we personally boycott Chinese products even at the cost of some inconveniences. Being a greedy regime, the economic hardships will hurt China very badly.

Though the coming of retribution might seem a bit slow, but it surely is and that too mighty hard.

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