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Gyan Vapi Mosque

Why reconstruction of Gyanvapi Mandir was not possible before 1778-1780

Here are various truths based on historical events associated with Gyanvapi Mandir.

Destruction of Hindu shrines by Muslim invaders- Perspective

Destruction of Hindu religious shrines over the centuries, by Muslim invaders, has long been recorded. A debate now has commenced, to know the details, the truth behind, to seek justice and explore a way forward.

काशी की धरा अब डोल रही है मुक्ति मुक्ति बोल रही है – कविता

काशी की धरा अब डोल रही है; मुक्ति मुक्ति बोल रही है. बाबा का नंदी जाग उठा है; प्रभु के दर्शन को खड़ा है

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