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Farm Bills 2020

From lazy farming to green revolution 2.0

The current model of wheat and rice cultivation, supported by subsidised electricity and fertilisers as well as the guaranteed procurement by the government at MSP, is not only causing environmental decay but also promoting lazy farming.

किसान बिल 2020: विरोध या जश्न?

यह जश्न मनाने का समय हैं ना कि विरोध करने का समय है, क्योंकि शोषण करनेवाले कभी भी इन सुधारो का साथ नही देंगे, हमे मजबूती से सरकार और किसानों के साथ रहना हैं और साथ ही साथ सामाजिक और आर्थिक रूप से हमारे प्यारे किसानों के सशक्त और संवर्धित मूल्य में और वृद्धि करनी है।

The agricultural reforms 2020 and the protest in the parliament

Some of the policymakers in India are perhaps not ready to digest the reality that the changing landscape has made the old calculations increasingly difficult to practice and this is manifested by recent misinformation campaign and undignified behaviour in the parliament.

Farm Bills 2020

Congress' corrupt parasitic policies are the sole reason as to why farmers are in this dismal condition.

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