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corona second wave india

Third wave of COVID-19 is easily preventable

In all likelihood, if people follow the precautions of wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and using hand sanitizer and if sixty percent of the country is vaccinated, there may not be a third one.

Why compulsory licencing seems to be the only viable option to tackle COVID in India?

Compulsory licensing is an extreme measure, which comes with many consequences. To tackle an extremely severe disease, an extreme step is quintessential, for which Government should be preparing nonetheless.

Compliments, criticism or just complaints by Lutyens media and opposition party leaders about Corona virus in India

Is India’s war against the deadly pandemic as bad as the “fake” media and/or political leaders of the non-BJP parties make of it?

Projecting mistakes as crimes : The latest toolkit of the pandemic

Expecting Modi to build all the tens of thousands of missing hospitals that were NEVER built in the last so many decades overnight is farcical to say the least.

Could CDC have been a better torchbearer to fight the “variant of concern” in India?

A collaborative consortium based approach with CDC as the touchbearer, can possibly reproduce better results in effective decision making to hault the diabolical virus.

A solution to the ongoing corona crisis by providing better information and the accessibility- Digitalization is the key

This digitalization will help our government and health industry to make the health services and its administration better, providing the citizens with better health security.

A nation without character- An insight into mindset of Indians

From being oldest civilisation which had shown path to entire world to new heights of immorality

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