Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Dr Soumik Chatterjee, Physician & Social Litterateur

Physician (Gold Medalist), Author, Social Litterateur & Marquee Financial Enthusiast. Felicitated as "Most Promising Young Physician of Kolkata 2021" by GCA 2021.

Nifty Pharma under pressure: Is it time to square off your positions?

A few Indian pharma companies are already working in the specialty products business in the US, which is a very high-value market as against the traditional generic business.

A laconic reflection of the vociferous coronavirus pandemic on the already relegated individuals

As the blustery pandemic pummeled mercilessly, the third-gender and Non-Binary community dis-proportionally condoned the socioeconomic hardships of the pandemic.

Could CDC have been a better torchbearer to fight the “variant of concern” in India?

A collaborative consortium based approach with CDC as the touchbearer, can possibly reproduce better results in effective decision making to hault the diabolical virus.

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