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bank scam

Apex Court concern for democratic decency and Rahul’s ‘idea of India’

Most of the newspapers have buried the apex court observation on Rahul Gandhi slur on Modi surname and the court suggestion to ‘a person in public life’ in their insignificance interior of the story limiting to few words as if political decency has no role in 21st Century democracy.

Should large corporate houses be allowed to promote banks?

Broadly, the main concerns of allowing large corporate houses to own banks relate to conflicts of interest, governance issues and concentration of economic power.

Understanding deposit insurance in case of bank liquidation

There is a need to spread awareness among depositors community and the common public so that could secure the money to large extent.

PNB scam and its fallout is actually going to benefit BJP in the 2019 elections

The Nirav Modi 'scam' is not going to hurt Narendra Modi's chances and image. Here is why.

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