Wednesday, September 28, 2022


And Aamir Khan lost a wonderful opportunity…

Aamir could have used this situation to send a strong message of inclusiveness in India.

Empty symbolism of Car Free Day; If tamasha can suffice, why govern?

Why events like "Car Free Day" end up doing opposite of what was intended. There are better ways to achieve the same goals.

An Open Letter To Aamir Khan

A response to Aamir Khan's feeling that he should leave India

​​The convoluted case of intolerance; the one crying intolerance are the most intolerant!

Who is the class of 'the tolerant' and 'the intolerant' is writing on the wall. Read this article to find out.

Bihar : from being “Land of Lalu” to being “Land of Lau” again

A Bihari shares his anguish over the recent results of Bihar assembly elections.

Reasons why Girish Karnad’s comparison of Tipu to Kempegowda and Shivaji is a perfect case of Intellectual Bankruptcy

A detailed take on why Girish Karnad has done no justice to his own intellect by making this comparison.

Respected Intolerance Brigade, Can you please be more specific about who is Intolerant in India?

Who exactly is causing rising intolerance in India?

NJAC and The Sardesai of Law

When biased individuals pose as "Neutral" commentators

5 reasons why Modi doesn’t give regular interviews or press conferences

Modi might just have worked out that this the best way to deal with MSM

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