Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Jinesh Jain

Jinesh Jain is a Management Consultant based in Mumbai. He holds diverse interests across Politics, Sports and Business. He sometimes tweets at @jineshkrjain

The long wait continues to take a Toll

Toll Free Maharashtra has yet not been realized by the state ruled BJP government.

Human minds vs. Robots – Who is winning this battle?

Are Automation and Artificially Intelligence (AI) eating our jobs like never before?

The new luxury train Tejas: Destined for failure?

Tejas certainly appears to be a finely knitted offering, phenomenally improving the train travel experience but will this necessarily become a commercial success for Indian Railways?

One thing that RSS should change immediately

News channels and print media – the shame old story of accusing RSS out of any context.

This is also true for BCCI

Is BCCI that bad an administrative body?

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