Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Mrs Kejriwal, only you can guide your husband now – An open letter

A letter which lists all of Kejriwal's failings

Setting The Narrative and how the Right Wing has lost the plot

The narrative battle is being lost

How the Congress-Media nexus is hurting India’s prospects

Indian media is playing into the hands of the Congress

How small nations seem to dictate terms in the 21st century!

The new world order is changing

Delhi Pollution: What we should learn from Singapore

Some good ideas from Singapore

AAP supporter’s letter to Arvind Kejriwal with suggestions on how to reduce pollution in Delhi

Email sent by an AAP supporter to the state government of Delhi on how to curb pollution.

Pollution free Delhi – Choice based Options – An open letter to Delhi CM

Alternative means of helping Delhi overcome pollution issues

Nothing better to do, Dr. Mitra?

Dr Chandan Mitra has faltered on NDTV

Open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

A supporter shares his anguish over the flip flop in Indo-Pak policy

Why increasing the salaries of Delhi MLAs is not a good idea?

The recent salary hike of Delhi MLAs is not going to do any good to the aam janta.

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