Thursday, October 28, 2021


Open Letter to Prof Parnal Chirmuley

This open letter is in response to the opinion voiced by Prof Chirmuley in this article. (The words in bold are from the original article...

Hindu Feminism & Its Applicability In Indian Context

The need for HIndu Feminism

Upgrading urban infrastructure

Nasik needs help

Tough Test for BJP’s Chanakya Amit Shah ahead

A year to watch for Amit Shah's return

On his death anniversary, Rahul Gandhi killed Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress

The love for Mahatma Gandhi shown by Adarsh Liberals is fake. Baput doesn't fit into their "dea of India"

Gender and Religious Politics at Shani Shingnapur

Of tradition and misogyny

Much Ado About Shani

Its time to stop superstitious beliefs

Simplifying the Personal Income Tax Structure in India

These changes are suggested in the Income Tax Act with a view to greatly simplifying the Taxation and Tax Computation Structure. There is no recommendation...

The need to stand up to religious demographic change

India is changing rapidly, and it's high time you take note of it.

Ink Attack: Arvind Kejriwal please stop your theatrics

Nauseating drama school tactics need to stop

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