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Anger, revenge, pain, necessity to save ill-gotten wealth- behind the coronation of the dynast

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If we compare the reasons behind Ravan’s abduction of Sita with the coronation of the dynast as the president of the party, we can draw several similarities.

In fact, the sister of Ravan, Surpanaka wants to marry Lakshman, the brother of Lord Ram. When Ram and Lakshman refused to entertain the desire of Surpanaka and cut her nose, Surpanaka got angry, wild and wants take revenge upon Ram and Lakshman.

The above situation can be compared with the person who was not born in India but wants to become Prime Minister of India some years ago, it was not entertained by the divine avatar Purush – Dr Subramaniam Swamy and the then President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam.

The victim exhibiting the emotions like frustrations, pain, anger, feeling of revenge are quite natural if the refusal of Ram and Lakshman to Surpanaka or the divine interventions by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy and the then President of India barring the foreign born person to become Prime Minister of India is understood purely from the emotional frame of mind than from facts and merit of the case.

Surpanaka due to her anger and frustration for not getting Lakshman, went to her brother Ravan, instigated him, pursued him, enraged him and mesmerized him with the beauty of Sita and further muddled his mind by saying that Ravan was the most suited husband for Sita and not Ram.

The above situation can be compared with the coronation of the dynast as the leader of a party despite knowing fully well that the dynast has not even grown as a fledgling as he is a nestling chick in Indian politics and does not have any merit or wisdom to lead the party. The unfulfilled desire of the mother wants her son to fulfill her dream so the son was coronated. The mother also would have used the Prime Minister legacy of the family to claim such right.

The question is why Ravan decided to abduct Sita? Several interpretations have been thrown up by different scholars. Ravan would have got infatuated with Sita and hence abducted her and Surpanaka has indeed nurtured such desire in him.

Another reason is also being given by the scholars. Ravan was believed to know the truth that Ram was the avatar of Lord Vishnu and his purpose was to kill Ravan. Therefore to attain Moksha, Ravan had abducted Sita so Ram would kill him. This is being also interpreted differently. Ravan never wants to get killed by Ram. Sita was the weakness of Ram so Ravan wants to use Sita as a possible shield to protect him from getting killed by Ram.

The above narrative can be perfectly compared with the coronation of the dynast.

When the dynast is made the king of the party, naturally the post of PM of India if the party wins the election or other regional parties extend support, will goes to the dynast. Like how Ravan would have thought to save his life by using Sita as a shield, the dynast also would have thought the post of PM would give enormous power and immunity to safeguard all alleged ill-gotten wealth and past misdeeds. Power will give strength against those who can initiate legal action against the dynast. The easiest way to ensure the PM post is to become the king of the party.

Mythology is so clear that neither Surpanaka nor the Ravan could succeed in their sinister design and finally Lord Ram killed Ravan and rescued Sita.

We can compare the plight of India with the plight of Sita.

Anger, revenge, pain and the legacy that has ruined India should not be allowed to abduct or hijack the agenda of development and Sab Ka Vikas of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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