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DMK has let down Tamil pride and dignity

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The countermanding of Vellore parliamentary constituency election in Tamil Nadu after the haul of massive cash from the close aid of the prominent DMK leader and the soul keeper of MK Stalin, Mr. Durai Murugan as appeared in the news, has really affected the credibility of Tamil pride.

DMK has really made the state –Tamil Nadu to appear the most corrupt state in India. Earlier it was perceived and to some extent made to believe that Tamil Nadu politicians are the most corrupt as most of the big ticket corruption allegations in UPA1 and 2 were predominantly around DMK ministers such as 2G, Aircell-Maxis, Telephone cable scam etc.

In Indian politics, Tamil Nadu was looked down due to all the above scam allegations and in every occasion, Tamil Nadu was the talking point. DMK came to existence in Tamil Nadu politics through riddling Tamil pride and regional chauvinism. Caste elimination and social justice were also used by the party to win election.  But today the social justice of the party is limited to own family than to people of the state.

Further converting the state politics to caste centric was innovated and introduced by none other than DMK. The money confiscated by IT authorities from the close aid of the prominent leader of DMK, Durai Murugan alleged to be paid to people to vote for his son who is contesting from Vellore under DMK ticket, was quite huge, it comes to several crores, as per the report.

If DMK is quite sure of winning the election, why then they engaged in cash for vote is the big question that boggles the people of Tamil Nadu. If DMK has done enough social justice to the people of India, then why DMK is engaging in cash for vote?

Another question also needs to be debated. From where does DMK has mobilized this much money? If DMK is spending this much money then how they would recover the expenditure other than by engaging in scams and corruption is the answer for the corrupt legacy of the party.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working hard to clean up our system, make India free of corruption, nepotism and dynastic politics but the alliance of congress partner in Tamil Nadu; the DMK is proving its politics nothing but full of bribe, negativity, hatred, spreading lies and promoting dynastic politics.

Should people of Tamil Nadu want this party to rule the state? People of Tamil Nadu must search their soul for an answer. People should not confuse with the fact that the other alternative is not un-corrupt. The question is who is worst, which party can destroy the state, which party is promoting the culture of corruption, nepotism and dynasty in the state, which party has tarnished the image, Bhakti tradition of Tamil Nadu and its reputation so badly, which party has introduced hate politics, politics of anti-God, anti-Hindu rhetoric in Tamil Nadu politics, which party has divided people based on caste formula to win election….all these questions would yield only one answer that is DMK.

Tamil Nadu politics was polluted with corruption allegation by DMK and that was the reason why the then treasurer of DMK, MGR resigned from the party and the Sarkaria commission vindicated DMK to institute scientific method of corruption. In the recent times, the cash for vote formula was introduced by DMK in Tirumangalam. The biggest contribution of DMK is that it has not only institutionalized corruption in India but also exploited the poverty of people in the state by buying their vote for cash.

Tamil Nadu has been let down by DMK. People of the state must wake up to the reality and must vote for AIADMK-BJP alliance to save the state from dynastic politics.

MGR and Amma stood for certain values, never engaged in hate politics, politics of negativity, never promoted anti-God, anti-Hinduism, never spitted anger against any particular community or caste.  In a sense MGR and Amma always stood for sab ka vikas politics of Narendra Modi.

EPS has inherited the great legacy of Amma and is doing full justice to the vision of Amma along with the guidance of OPS. State government in friendly relation with central government is must for the development of the state and that is how EPS government could do so many welfare schemes for people of the state.

For letting down the pride and dignity of Tamils, for institutionalizing corruption in Indian politics, promoting the politics of hatred and anti-God, anti-Hindu sentiments, promoting the politics of dynasty and nepotism, people of the state must punish DMK and must elect Narendra Modi led alliance with massive margin. Hope Tamil Nadu will be saved and the state would make Modi once again our dear Prime Minister.

Chowkidar Ranganathan

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