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Diversity and quality can’t co-exist

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Desi Writer
Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.

I was recently reading about the Amazon Rainforests, famous for its rich biodiversity. It is home to about one-third of all living species in the world. It very much reminded me of my country India, known similarly for its cultural diversity.

If a tiger were to be given the same status as a deer, equality would get justice, but would diversity? Is it not the uniqueness of the tiger and the deer that give the jungle its kaleidoscopic diversity? If a lion were to be given the same status as a lioness, surely feminazis in India would be happy, but would the lions survive? If the lioness started to be the king of the jungle and sleeping 18 hours a day like her male counterpart, because some Indian feminists asked her to do so, would her species not die of hunger? Some things should be left as it is, as nature and God intended it. If people like us tried to intervene, the world would go topsy turvy.

I find it so stupid to see that people who advocate for equality among all castes, creeds, races, religions and gender, are the same people who say we should uphold India’s diversity. How do I tell them that Equalism and Diversity are the exact opposites of each other?

If I dress an entire classroom of students in the exact same uniform, they are all equals in the eye of the teacher, but then where is the diversity? Diversity is but another name for different-ness. The speciality of India doesn’t lie in seeing the different castes, communities and religions as one, but in giving a panoramic view containing all of them, with individual space to express themselves.

Yes, equality stifles diversity.

This same argument can also be verified with respect to the rising wave of feminism in India. Feminists say that women are subject to gender bias, which is true. But, then they go on to demand every equal status as that of men. Think rationally, woman labour cannot do the same amount of hard work as men can do. This is not a bias, this is what God intended, he reserved women for some other jobs, like taking the species ahead. Like the way a man can’t do what a woman can, a woman too can’t do what a man can, and therefore no question of equality, when there is no compatibility! When nature intended man and woman to be different in all aspects, we literally are a no-one to change that law!

The uniqueness of a man lies in his masculinity, no one can take it from him. Similarly, the specialty of a woman lies in her femininity, which no one can take away from her. So, why do we fight in vain to make them equals when the truth is they never were equals, and never shall be! The goal of feminism should not be to be equals as men, for that curbs diversity and individuality. The goal of feminism should be to empower women within their reachable realm, without any competition with what is outside. There should be no comparison with men, there should be a comparison among equals. The target of every feminist should be to help those women who are not treated as women and get them their position in society.

To make my point even more solid, take the example of Europe and Arabia. These to geographical regions were converted to 100% Christianity and Islam respectively, thus enforcing monotony, homogeny. Thus, there exists no diversity there. But Hinduism never had such a goal, because Hinduism respects individuality, diversity. It is because in India, a Muslim is identified as a Muslim and a Hindu is identified as a Hindu, there exists diversity. Being Indian is fine, but then, where is the diversity, where diversity shouldn’t be equated to bias. West and the Middle East have shown us that plurality thrives where there is heterogeny. Thus, an attempt to call for Equality by liberals in India is hollow!

Equality can be achieved among equals, and diversity among plurals. The common rhetoric today in defence of the liberals go as ‘All Indians are equal’. My only denial is that all Indians are not equal, and that is what is the specialty of our country and thus any fake attempt to label us as equals will have no good results, but a result where a collective identity will be lost.

Lastly, equality and diversity cannot coexist simply because of their revolting nature. Strength lies in differences and not similarities.


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Desi Writer
Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.
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