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नोटबंदी और विपक्ष की शरम जनक भूमिका

हमारे देश को काला बाज़ारी आतंकबाद आदि अन्य बीमारियो से बचाने

Demonetization: Suggestions to ease the cash scarcity

Here are some humble suggestions for the Prime Minister of India

An open letter from a liberal Hindu to elite class English intellectuals

Our Non-dualism philosophy of Shankaracharya says: “God is consciousness or energy

Open letter to fellow Aam Aadmi over Black Money

Demonetisation is just the beginning, we all have to join hands

Dear Manmohan Singh, in the long run, India shall live and thrive!

A short response to Manmohan Singh's wisdom presented in the Parliament.

अरविन्द केजरीवाल के नाम खुला खत

अब ये तो जरूर है कि आप का बचा कार्यकाल तो

Letter to PM regarding unethical exchanges of old currency notes

A suggestion about currency exchange rules regarding the demonetisation drive.

Aakar Patel, you are wrong on far too many counts

Aakar Patel needs to get his facts right

Open letter to Anurag Kashyap over attacking Modi on Twitter

Anurag blamed Modi for some cinema owners deciding to not release

Open Letter to Indian Communists

Indian communists are not real communists they are just fooling people

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Employees Demands Grant Pension Under CCS Pension Rules 1972

Open letter from an employee of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti

खुला पत्र रवीश कुमार के नाम

आप ख़ुद को unbiased कहते हैं, पर आप हैं नहीं। इसके

Open Letter to PM Modi on Uri Attacks

An earnest plea for action

Open Letter to Indian Film makers – We deserve better cinema than “Baar Baar Dekho”

After watching Baar Baar Dekho, I certainly wanted my money back.