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Vijay Mallya

Why the booming trend of banking scams never ends

The society expects transparency, reliability, accountability and effective discharge of duties and responsibilities by the banks. Depositors of a bank put their hard-earned salaries and life savings in the banks which should by protected before lending huge loans to fraudsters masquerading as borrowers.

No need to bring Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi back, government should just do this

A plea by an angry Indian to the Government of India

भ्रष्ट देशद्रोहियों से निपटने में मोदी सरकार नाकाम?

क्या सरकार ललित मोदी और विजय माल्या के भागने से कोई भी सबक लेने को तैयार नहीं है की कार्ति चिदंबरम को देश छोड़ कर इतनी आसानी से जाने दिया?

Are nervous bankers spreading canards using PR firms after CBI’s action on corrupt bank officials?

Bankers are attempting to cover up corruption by tagging it as a legitimate commercial failure, thinking that spreading canards using PR firms can help creating pressure on the government.

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