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The impact of Delhi’s air pollution on health and tourism

Delhi is home to so many tourist attractions that are attracting tourists from all around the world. But, due to air pollution that is increasing in Delhi day by day, the number of tourists is impacted massively.

Mythological Story of Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Mandir

There is another story told in Lingpurana about the word Trimbak. Linga Purana says Triambak is the father of light Sun, Moon, and Fire

After shattering over 10,000 migrants’ dreams and splitting families, Jacinda Ardern keeps her panic intact. Here’s how

Prime minister of New-Zealand Jacinda Ardern ordered to keep the border close due to covid-19 reasons.

Changing the way we travel post pandemic

As Marcel Proust said ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.’

Indian Tourism- The way forward?- A wishlist for the Modi 2.0

There is a despondency in the sector and a quick look at the brochures of various foreign tourist operators reveal that India is no longer a ‘Hot’ destination.

7 ways travelling helps you in uplifting your mood for writing

There’s a whole world out there and the best part about it is that the world will never run out of things to teach you!

Indians in US are missing important life events of loved ones due to VISA renewal policy

Many Indians have simply stopped travelling outside the US because of VISA re-validations policy

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