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Start preparing for the new normal in the post-coronavirus world

Actions that we and our governments should take in containing future biological threats.

The Rashtriya in our Rifles

A note on Rashtriya Rifles and counter terrorism units of our Army.

India’s Surgical Strike – calling Pakistan’s nuclear bluff

Any future terror attacks on the country will invite retribution that will impose high costs on Pakistan.

Modi is at crossroads and possibly facing biggest test of nerves

Its checkmate Prime Minister Modi.

जिस तरह आतंकवादी का धर्म नहीं होता उसी तरह दलित को मारने वाले की जाति नहीं होती है

जो लोग एक तरफ आतंकवादी हमले के बाद यह कहते फिरते हैं कि आतंकवादी का कोई मजहब नहीं होता है वहीं लोग प्रेम विवाह हत्या मामले के बाद हत्यारों की जाति जोर-जोर से चिल्लाकर बताते हैं।

Understanding Indo-Pak Relations in context of the Pathankot Attacks

My Understanding of  Indo-Pak Relations and Views over the Pathankot Attacks Pakistan is a failed state. In any democratic country, all foreign policy decisions (diplomatic and...

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