Friday, May 7, 2021


Rising Intolerance

Satire: Liberal Conversations — So It Goes

A satire piece on liberals

NDTV and others have done it again! This time it is Thrissur Pooram

Media once again tries to distort the picture


In just 10 years every student must be either a Kanhaiya or a Khalid.

Abrahamics religions are eroding our vibrant tribal culture

Hindus are leaderless, no political party is backing us, No mutts or Babas to save us and in reality we are not a community but self-atomized people pretending to be a community.

SC rebuff proves Kanhaiya only pawn in hands of breaking-India forces

Politics of the case apart, I was wondering since yesterday how the Supreme Court was going to hear the bail plea of the arrested...

Characteristics of Pseudo-intellectuals on day of Terror Attack

Tell tale features of Pseudo Intellectuals

Stony silence of Media on Malda Riots

Media's coverage of Malda exposes them

How the common man wielded its power and turned tables on intolerance debate

The battle is no longer one sided, and the heat is being felt.

Could Indian Islam be the Solution to the problems created by Global Jihad?

Indian Muslims have often led by example and now they have to show the world the way.

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