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Rising COVID-19 cases

Vultures Preying over COVID Crisis: Busting the propaganda of the ecosystem

The "Ecosystem" is a complicated nexus, a part of which had been remotely exposed during the infamous toolkit episode few months ago and has little to do with political affiliations.

The insolent Kejriwal: A brief commentary

the 'messiah' of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, who from the kick-off of the meeting, joined in a perfunctory and zeal-deficient mode, transcended all the extremities of Chief Ministerial etiquette, credo, and decorum.

Responding to COVID-19 challenge in India

Article discussing the challenges brought by coronavirus to Indian government, healthcare and public with possible solution to fight the pandemic.

दिल्ली के मालिक का डैमेज कंट्रोल?

टीवी पर आकर रोज भाषण देना और जमीन पर काम करना दोनो ही अलग बात है; खुद गाजियाबाद में थे और मालिक बन बैठे दिल्ली के अब दिल्ली में बस दिल्ली वालों का इलाज होगा।

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