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Ravish Kumar

Why journalists like Ravish Kumar are despised so much!

He further shamelessly said, if Indian army couldn’t handle a few questions, how could they handle bullets on the border.

“Stop watching news television”, Ravish has a point

When Ravish Kumar claims that Indian news media is biased and needs to be boycotted, he may be inadvertently pointing to flaws of his own.

‘Dukhi Aatmayein’ floating around on Indian news television

Among the many things that have transpired in India since the ascension of Narendra Modi to PM’s chair, one that has greatly affected news...

‘कभी बड़े शीशे के सामने खुद को निहारना तब पता चलेगा आप कौन जात हो’

हर खबर में 'कौन जात हो' एंगल ढूंढने वाले पत्रकार साहब खुद को किसी मसीहा से कम नहीं मानते, ये बात और है कि शॉ की टीआरपी नीचे से पहले पायदान पर है।

Braminical patriarchy and Brahminism is real. Stop shielding it. Read to know

An article that must be read by everyone on the 'right wing' in India. You will end up admitting that Brahminism exists.

काॅमरेड रवीश के नाम एक खुला पत्र

मोदी विरोध में इतना भी मत गिरो, सर, कि सेना और देश से नफरत होने लग जाए!

क़ानून से ऊपर मीडिया की आज़ादी?

मीडिया को सरकार का पक्ष नहीं लेना चाहिए, लेकिन क्या मीडिया को सरकार विरोधी भी होना चाहिए?

An open letter to Ravish Kumar by his viewer

This letter is specifically explore the possibility of an interview between our PM Modi and Ravish Kumar.

प्रोपगैंडा प्रभु रवीश कुमार

समाचार चैनलों के इस युग में अच्छा टीवी पत्रकार वही बन सकता है जो अभिनय जनता हो।

प्रोपगैंडा की आज़ादी

आज का दर्शक-पाठक जागरूक हो गया है रवीश जी। आप जिस रंग के चश्मे को लगा कर समाचार लिखते-दिखाते हैं, जरूरी नहीं कि वो उसी रंग के चश्मे से उसे पढ़े-देखे। वो अब पढ़ता-सुनता-देखता है और फिर सोचता है कि आपके बताये-दिखाये खबर में कितना सच है और कितना वैचारिक पक्षपात।

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All that’s online isn’t gospel

Everybody has an opinion about every small issue around him, thanks to the information available at a finger click, no matter how valid it is!

Learnings from Galwan Valley– Similarities between Nazi Germany and Communist China

Has China committed a grave error of judgement in picking a fight with India in the Galwan valley? And will it exhibit the reckless aggressiveness of Hitler or the shrewd cunning of the famed Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu ?

मंदिरों के देश में न्याय मांगते मंदिर

आइए जानते हैं कुछ प्रमुख मंदिरों के बारे में जो आज मस्जिद का रूप लिए हुए हैं और न्याय मांग रहे हैं।

Politics of religion and science

Since BJP made history in 2014 and came to power with staggering numbers, there has been constant propaganda about religion taking importance over development and science.

Once nurturer, America is a hoarder of talent now

The allure of the American Dream is now a net negative for H1B workers and the Global community.

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आदिवासी दिवस के बहाने अलगाववाद की राजनीति

दिवासी अथवा जनजातियों को उनके अधिकार दिलाने की मुहिम दिखने वाला "आदिवासी दिवस" नाम का यह आयोजन ऊपर से जितना सामान्य और साधारण दिखाई देता है वो उससे कहीं अधिक उलझा हुआ है।

Two nation theory after independence

Two Nation Theory was the basis of partition of India. Partition was accepted based on the assumption that the Muslims staying back in India because they rejected the Two Nation theory. However, later decades proved that Two Nation Theory is not only subscribed by a large section of Indian Muslims but also being nourished by the appeasement politics.

Are Indian history text books really biased?

Contributions of many dynasties, kings and kingdoms find no mention in our text books. Post independence history is also not adequately covered in our text books.

Striking similarities between the death of Parveen Babi and Sushant Singh Rajput: A mere co-incidence or well planned murders?

Together Rhea and Bhatt’s media statements subtly and cleverly project Sushant as some kind of a nut job like Parveen Babi, another Bhatt conjuring.

The story of Lord Jagannath and Krishna’s heart

But do we really know the significance of this temple and the story behind the incomplete idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Maa Shubhadra?