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Hinduism is not separate from secularism: Here is how

Is abusing Hinduism the definition of Indian secularism?

Gurmehar Kaur: The useful idiot of left liberalism

The misplaced idealism which teaches Gurmehar that war killed her father is result of Marxist indoctrination of students in Indian universities. Indian academia is completely dominated by Marxists and liberals

Open letter to Gurmehar Kaur

Open letter in response to Facebook Post by Gurmehar Kaur.

राष्ट्र बनाम हिन्दू – कैसे भारतीय राजनीति ने ‘धर्म-निरपेक्षता’ की धारणा को बर्बाद किया है

हम ऐसी स्थिति में आखिर पहुँचे ही कैसे कि हिन्दुओं के लिए बराबरी के अधिकार की माँग पर व्यक्ति को सांप्रदायिक घोषित कर दिया जाता है?

Rohith Vemula case: Consulting Editor of Newslaundry tries to spin the liberals out of trouble

When in trouble, liberals create intellectual infinite loops to spin their way out of trouble. Newslaundry editor did just that.

Era of Labellism, by tagging dissent against left as Modi Bhakt

How are the so called leftists of India intolerant on tagging almost 70% population as Modi Bhakt?

Why democracy of the world is threatened by the left-liberals

The rising right-wing power and their elected government in the world is making the intellectual uncomfortable. Is this really the evolution of democracy?

Derek Oberin thinks Twitter will do coup in West Bengal

Naming some of the twitter users, Mr. Oberin put it to notice of the Chairman that such people of twitter has Nuclear formula with them and they can use that to over throw his poor Didi’s government.

Padmavati: The symptom of sinister maladies

Padmavati is another movie promoting false secularism. Bhansali's effort will be similar to a filmmaker trying to show the obsession of ISIS terrorists for Yazidi girls.

The quest for Hindu identity amidst Jallikattu protests

Has the recent Jallikattu protests reignited the quest of (confused ) Hindu identity? Or it's another efforts by Tamil for maintaining their culture.

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