Sunday, June 23, 2024


Opposition against NRC

Lessons from Gujarat to Delhi

The way out for BJP is to raise the stakes, on economy, on nationalism and on Hindutva.

NRC, putting fears to rest

The purpose of this post is not to support or justify the NRC but to quell any fears.

Mr. Tharoor, you are wrong! You did farrago of xenophobia and infiltration

Here, prominent word-smith, Shashi Tharoor, did farrago of xenophobia and infiltration and it is necessary that he should learn about the difference between this two.

Here is why NRC is an essential exercise for Assam

The article clears the Whys and Hows of NRC.

Why this war-cry Mamata Didi?

The opposition's main reason for opposing the NRC is the fear of losing their votebank.

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