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Why this war-cry Mamata Didi?

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The war cry of Mamata Banerjee, the Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal over NRC draft report and her aggression to preserve the vote bank politics by compromising national security looks not only bizarre but is also dangerous to our country. Politics of appeasement appears to have hijacked the interest of our nation and the opposition parties are interested only in power and not in the welfare or development of the country.

To the question of who would be the prime ministerial candidate of the united opposition in 2019, TMC leader’s answer was quite curious and amusing. She wants to win first and only then they would decide who would fit the bill of PM. More than winning, the opposition wants to stop Modiji coming back to power in 2019.

They fear Modiji the most because Modiji is cleaning the political system, giving no room for the corrupt Netas to amok the country. The opportunity for the dynasty politics and politics of nepotism is also getting squeezed out from India. It means if Modiji comes back to power again in 2019, India may emerge as super power and the chance for all those fringe players to divide and torment the country and run vote bank politics shall come to an end. It looks like the opposition parties have more reason to worry than celebrate when India develops and every Indian prosper. It is the problem of the livelihood of all those fringe players that had made them to gang together and beat the drum of civil war.

The primary and fundamental responsibility of every country is to protect its citizens. In that respect India is for Indians and not for infiltrators. The infiltrators in Assam have made several part of Assam as their hostages and had declared in the past as Friday holiday and not Sunday. Congress party was extending its tactical support to some religious leaders to amok the democracy of India for vote bank politics. When Modiji came to power, he envisioned the vision of one India, development, Sab Ka Vikas, New India, and many more. Neither minority nor majority politics was entertained by Modiji.

Certain attempts were made by the BJP government to achieve the cultural renaissance in the country. Our country was known for a great heritage, culture and tradition. The family politics played by the age old party has changed the narratives and history of the country and converted India as their family property. Therefore reviving our ancient tradition for the present generation is needed to infuse socio-spiritual balance in the system. The degradation of such value has infiltrated our society and as a result the family values are eroding and diminishing.

Modiji is not a politician but a global leader par visionary. Modiji is a sage, a saint and mendicant.

Modiji is like Swami Vivekananda who wants to awake India to a new level of development where the definition of development shall not limit to mere materialistic level but spiritual as well where human values are included in the development capsule.

But for the opposition parties India should never grow and prosper. India should remain, fragmented, poor and caste and community driven so that each political party can share their power out of such confusion.

The opposition parties never want to infuse confidence and courage to the nation but want to sell fear and scare to different communities.  The opposition wants to create unrest and destroy the philosophy of one India and instead they want to fragment India into different regions based on language and culture. Through such division, the regional parties want to run their livelihood where the country shall remain impoverished forever.

Modiji came with a clear prescription and treatment which has shocked several fringe players. The great dynasty has been thoroughly exposed of its politics and Modiji has made the age old party to kneel before the fringe players to be relevant.

People of India must recognise the importance of NRC and how such initiative would help us to build New India. People of India must recognise the hidden agenda of the opposition parties to tag the effort of the government on the infiltrators as anti-minority mission of BJP. The NRC is all about infiltrators and unlawful immigrants from our neighbouring country. Since our neighbouring countries are largely Islamic states, large number of infiltrators are naturally belongs to a particular religion. But because the infiltrators belong to a minority religion, no action should be taken is quite strange and bizarre. The mission of the opposition parties is to use such infiltrators as vote bank and destroy the country.

People of India have matured and will certainly teach a tough lesson to all those fringe players.

People must pledge their unconditional solidarity to Modiji and must give massive majority for Modiji in 2019.

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