Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Nuclear War

After Pakistan, Ukraine is the new playground for the US; here is how the future looks like

In today's scenario, the US with its whooping $20 Trillion GDP, is miles ahead of any other country. Russia with its less than $2 Trillion GDP is ten times weaker. This is the very recipe of a disaster.

Iran’s nuclear diplomacy: Necessity or threat

The country of 1648195 sq km2 and just 8.4 crore people and run by the hard cleric president having major Shia castes Muslims have been considered by the world as one of the major threat due to its increasing nuclear stockpiles accusing for using for making a nuclear weapon.

ASAT, ABM and the shifting Nuclear Paradigm

With India's successful Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASAT) test, Pakistan is no longer into the euphoria of- Bleed India with thousand cuts. Here's the importance of ASAT explained into layman's terms.

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